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Structure a sentence & Break it down

Xpresso Formula for Pinball action

This formula uses two objects, and the action consists of shooting the pin ball into the bumper ring, which lights up on collision and simultaneously rings. The tutorials on musecreative.net, suggest this process;

… structure a sentence and then break it down to formulate the actions needed for your dynamics.Eugene Opperman

The Sentence Breakdown:

“The  | bumper ring  |  reacts  |  on collision  |  with the  | pinball.

Two objects collide. There are dynamic reactions: color, sound and movement – all done without key framing.

Object Nodes –  Ring (A) and Pinball (B) and produce 1 Result, “one collision per pair” between Object A and B  when they collide via the “Dynamic Collision” node.

MonoFlop: adds a trigger, time, duration, state
Time: time, current time; duration 6F, mode: OneShot, scale 0-1,
State: (parameter – Output Upper) 1.3
2nd Ring: (rt clk:) scale .X, scale .Z – attach to Output Range Mapper

Mix (luminance) – state into the Mixing factor, Bumper parameters: input 1= [0], input 2= [1]
LED_Light (Star and Ring color) – rt clk, Luminance Brightness – connect to mix output
MonoFlop out to Sound, browse for .wav file in (properties of Bumper Attributes)

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