Digital Marketing Strategy

Partnerships that accelerate consequences
Timing is everything:

Nissan Ad:  Partners with Pixel and Mattel Toys

The genius of the Nissan ads combined known entities of Pixar Studio’s 1996 animated creations (directed by ad agency TBWA/Chiat/Day) came in the timing of their deployment to couple with the popularity of Pixar’s first movie. Toys-coming-to-life angle was clearly inspired by the original Toy Story movie, which was released just a few months earlier in November of 1995. Mimicking three of the America’s most iconic dolls added to a memorable recipe for the attention-getting ad.

Ineffective by today’s standards

Nissan spent $$$ producing a commercial for a discontinued vehicle.
Today’s market value would afford Pixar to make a computer-generated ad, purchase the usage rights to the Mattel products, launch the largest automotive ad campaign, attacking every level – from TV, to radio, to print, plus all digital advertising platforms, insuring no consumer an escape from the reach of the ad.

The lawsuit from Mattel also fueled more attention to the advertisements delivery, minus the out of court settlement.

Today’s campaign is different:

Stay ahead of the curve and keep yourself adaptable.Xavier Villarmarzo

Tier10 Marketing

2013 trends
Scott Rodgers, Chief Creative Officer & Founding Partner @Tier10

Designing for a multichannel campaign is challenging, especially when trying to retain the integrity of a campaign.  Current strategies should incorporate the five points condensed below:

1. Credibility: Business advantage is to build trust with their audience with relate-able messages, since a fact-check confirmation is a click away.

2. Versatility: Campaign visuals today should be adaptable to fit any medium. It should work on everything from outdoor billboard, website banner, pre-roll video, to a post card, to a magazine ad. Designing for a multichannel campaign while retaining campaign integrity is challenging.

3. Digital Component: Traditional media, is a must, plus multiple platforms offers consumers the ability to engage digitally with the campaign / learn more about your brand (product). Incorporating paid keyword search is also an integral element of a digital strategy, as it helps you target your specific audience.

4. Hash Tags: hash tags, “a good call to action” on campaigns allows companies to easily organize and monitor the conversation consumers are having about the brand. If you’re coupling the campaign with a live event, you can also track its real-time relevance.

5. Engagement: and keeping people talking by responding and creating conversation gives your brand a voice with “brand ambassadors”, those whose social media influence and can help spread your message to a larger audience.

BIG DATA for business:

Marketing opportunity with analysis factors: hot sales locations, use of employee sick days, rate of company’s growth over decade and deliver more effective advertising. The ability to aggregate enormous amounts of data allows a company to reach their target audiences, meet customer expectations, develop and improve products through user-generated data.

Internet: Global marketing tool

Visual media and highly interconnected sharing has re-engineered the essence of marketing, offering limitless creative potential.

EX: 2012 blockbuster The Dark Knight employed viral marketing to create a buzz. Cryptic clips of recently deceased star Heath Ledger posted online with links to the film, after advertisers uploaded to the web spray painted graffiti of Ledger’s character on various buildings, the first trailers for the film was a coordinated release.