Moving the goal posts

Showcasing the influence of the industries finest.

Linked are three videos, a promo created by NASA, a biography of an iconic designer and TV movie trailer. All different in tone, but carry the same quality of message, and “Art of the Title” includes detailed articles that are rich with relevant “behind-the-scenes” info. However, the most effective tutorial is the one created to decipher an image, learning how it was constructed and

… exploring these challenges will move the goal posts.practice , practice, practice

The inspirations and influences that we find are gifts, like the trade show demonstrations.

Maxon offers online presentations to promote their C4D software, from its NAB 2012 booth. Kevin Aguierre explains an IK chain in character rigging and how the object buffers offer variations to similar packages, per client’s request.

The Power of Excellence

AMP created a very clear, positive company story; a script that is enhanced beautifully by creative images and amplified with sound design and composite editing.

resolutiondesign, is an award winning studio in Australia

Greyscalegorilla’s tutorial has a glimpse of this technique, using boole objects and mograph, to animate custom letters.

Influencer 2 – Facts

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