Story Telling

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The Best Story Wins!

A well told story forms a mental imprint in the psyche. An organization who reveals their story both visually and audibly, influence us to take action. It embeds a value, motivating our purpose and performance. The value of a product lives by its tag line, literally a promise made to both their customers and employees. Give that tagline an added appeal of motion.

AMP scripted their company story about the possibilities of tomorrow, that is amplified with customized typography, sound design and composite editing, created by resolutiondesign, an award winning studio in Australia.
Post Prod., Design & Animation: ResolutionResolution
Creative Director: Tim Dyroff
Typography Designer: Luca Ionescu & Ant Hayes
Creative Agency: Banjo
Track: Elliot Wheeler, Turning Studios

Drama is anticipation mingled with uncertainty.William Archer

Every success begins with a journey

Living in a complex environment, people listen to whomever makes the most sense — whomever tells the best story. A story offers a plot, making sense of chaos. Bringing order through a time line of sequenced events, which gives an array of understanding through different vantage points, thereby impacting the results of influence.

buying & selling

The Young Vic Theatre has always been known in the trade as the director’s theater. But when interviewing its UK audience, and theater critics, nobody knew what difference a director made. Actors, writers, set designers, yes.

The answer:  director’s are storytellers, and people buy stories. So explain the difference that directors makes, and sell that difference.

Written into a new strapline: ‘It’s a big world in here.’
Poster and digital campaigns spread the stories
out of the theater and into the lives of Londoners.

After the theater adopted a storytelling strategy,
it gained more success, season after season.

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