Animatic Drawings

The animated video storyboards and sketches
Animatics sketches

Planning motion and sound for production timing.

Textures and rough movements express the emotional content of the Frankin-crow animation. The simulated flight represents the carelessness of character and consequences of an ill-fated action.

Rough Video Draft: Video into Still Title

Preliminary timing of the action flight into a final still title frame, that is frozen in time.

The character blocking, camera positioning and its movement are established with animatic drawings. Camera compositions of the story reel use temporary sets and characters, to create a sequence of shots that convey the story like traditional film-making principles, in a 3D computer graphics environment.

Working with existing storyboards, a cinematic layout of shots recreates and enhances the storyline. Rough pre-visualization models & environments facilitate the animated work, varying each solution for multiple types of stories and action, is what keeps the productivity and quota targets more accountable.

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