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"Barbarism to Civilization"- part III

Alongside man’s ascent from barbarism to civilization was his war horse; a charger used to further his culture, conquer empires, plow his fields, and promote chivalry in the middle ages. This Kiger bloodline, of Arab Andalusian descendant, is the same DNA found in today’s wild mustangs roaming the northwest region of America.

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C4D – Modeling and image mapping; Draft work in progress.

This segment shows a chariot and stylized horseshoe, modeled in c4d, to image map the Huns battle scene. Mesopotamian war chariots, plus the advent of horse shoes and riding tact, enabled the war machine. These were the instruments that allowed for swift maneuvers in highly developed cavalry tactics, that expanded empires. The sound tract is synchronized to Zahara, which is licensed from theBluemask.


Horses were brought to the New World, and charged into battle at Little Big Horn under the US 7th Calvary. “Comanche”, was “battle scarred”, but retired with full honors as the sole survivor of the Custer Massacre. The riding “tact” used to manage the horse and win empires, retained its role in history as “tactical” military vernacular.



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