After Effects

After Effects

Shake-motion via wiggle script.

Title Reveal: After Effects

Music duet: Bizet: Jeux D’Enfants; Sound Design:freesfx

The “procedural” text technique is interchangeable between fonts, product logos as needed for posing different messages.

Debt Clock Messaging

Generic public photographs were edited in After Effects with the sound design. The message is written from a bi-partisan viewpoint as a common concern, regarding the critical dilemma of debt outweighing our nation’s revenue.


Vanishing Point

Using the cartoon FX in After Effects on flat 2D psd files, to add motion to the physical space for the pixels. Separating the image and rebuilding it in Adobes Vanishing Point, provides a mock depth of field, for this title sequence, called “You Could’ve Had It All”

Depth of Field Illusion
After Effects

This fictitious promo revolves around a female oil executive, as the antagonist, with a data-driven, economic demise plot.

“Could’ve Had It All”

After Effects – Mocean Liquid Light.

Fractal noise.

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