Optimize Renders

The older c4d render version took 45 minutes, shown on the left, and with the setting changes listed below, the newer version took only 25 seconds with remarkable results.


How to Render Cinema 4D – Better


Render settings:

– Options | Ray Depth: 6 (or 1)
– Options | Reflection Depth: 3 (or 1)
– Options | Shadow Depth: 6 (or 1)
– Options | Blurriness: [OFF]
– Output | Fame Rate 24
– Don’t use Ambient Occlusion & Global illumination (if not necessary, otherwise with low / medium settings)

Edit | Preferences

– Renderer | custom number of Threads: 10
– Picture viewer | memory usage: [90% of your ram]

jib camera moves in c4d

Circle sized at 1000cm, add camera: with an align to spline TAG. Add Target camera.
Drop circle into TAG property with first key frame at rotation of H -90. Then alter keyframe settings to showcase object.

Video and audio

C4d Broadcast Extension Kit; thanks to Motionworks

The video content includes a selection of 5 Artbeats HD clips (and 5 low resolution versions) and 35 Maxon custom clips. The audio content includes a 22 audio loops and 20 instrumental tracks ranging from Disco to News.

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